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brendanf94 asked: Pizza and cuddling with a girl who likes the office sounds perfect lol

preaaaach (and vice versa from my point) 🙌

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wepr0mised asked: You have the best office blog I have seen :)

I don’t know about that but THANK YOU! I’m so appreciative of all of your guys lovely messages <3

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its cold so if any of u would like to move to Australia and eat pizza with me in bed I would very seriously appreciate it

ok thanks

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ackoniite asked: OMG your blog is perfect. Thank you for 2 solid hours of laughing my ass off at work, I don't even care if I get in trouble IT WAS WORK EVERY MINUTE!


Thank YOU! I am so glad you like it! This message has legit made my night. You rock. 

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Anonymous asked: where are you from?

Australia :D

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if anyone wants to snapchat me im super bored and it’s raining


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