My name is Jade and I'm an Office-oholic. Your source for all things The Office.

Anonymous said: What are you majoring in?

I’m at uni but I’m not doing “a major” as such, I’m just about to finish my criminology bachelors degree :)

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Anonymous said: Who is your favorite character from the office??

can u pls not torture me like this, I can not choose 1 character alone!!!!

as much as it pains me to even narrow it down to 3 (lol jks 5 not even sorry), I’m going to have to say: 

  1. Michael
  2. Dwight
  3. Kevin / Jim / Kelly

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sageofthreepaths said: Where has your blog been all my life?????????

rigggggght here

and I am very glad you found me :D

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thewhovian15 said: Your blog is gold.

YOU are gold :D

Thank you for this! Seriously when you guys message me, it honestly makes my day. I am SO glad we all love the Office as much as we do haha

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Can I ask people to keep me & my family in your thoughts/prayers (whatever you choose to believe in!) or even send some good vibes our way - tomorrow my mum and myself have to go to the Magistrates Court and put in our application for a protection order.  We’re hoping that it will be granted tomorrow and that this experience will be over for us so we can move on with our lives :)

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Anonymous said: You seem so cool and collected and know what uor doing in life, im so jelly

i graduate from uni in 6 months and have no clue if I’ll even get a job

i’m also sitting at home with no pants on watching endless eps of Catfish

for breakfast I ate cold pizza

I also turned down an invitation to go out and socialise on Thurs night because I already made plans to rewatch OITNB

I am literally a hermit

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