My name is Jade and I'm an Office-oholic. Your source for all things The Office.

veritardinosaur said: Your blog is perfect can we be best friends? Also have to ask you the headrest question ever, who is your favourite character? xx

um I already consider everyone on here a friend, SO YES OF COURSE that’s not even a question! 

pleaseeeeee don’t do this to me! I’m going to tie it down to 3 - Michael, Dwight & Jim 
(UHHH I feel so unoriginal with my choices but I can’t even deal with only choosing 3)

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Anonymous said: who is behind this blog? do u have facebook or instagram? you should have a tagged/me page

my name is Jade & I’m 19 & from Australia 

haha I’m probably not going to post my Facebook link on here but yes I have instagram (and yes I take a lot of food pictures):

it’s jadepereira (if any of you follow me on Instagram let me know! I love following you guys cause I get a lot of variation on my Instagram feed so don’t hesitate to send me your usernames!)

And I don’t think people need to see my face that badly haha, moreoever, this blog isn’t about me! It’s about this amazing show :D

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I feel like I haven’t been on Tumblr in monnnnnnths 

I swear my job and placement and uni and family stuff has just taken over my life 

I will try and get on as much as I can or at least queue more! 


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califoregonian said: im obsessed with the office its actually unhealthy how much i know about this fucking show lol #letsbefriends



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